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America has been bluffing Ukraine for 14 years in the name of NATO membership, know the untapped facts behind it

Ukraine NATO After becoming an independent nation, Ukraine had cherished the dream of becoming a member of NATO, now it is time to break it. It is this dream and its ambition that has taken the form of such a big war.

One of the biggest reasons for Russia and Ukraine fighting is its leaning towards NATO. This inclination was neither created overnight, nor was Ukraine trying to become a member of it for a few days or months. You may be surprised to know that this effort of Ukraine started from April 2008. Now it has been fourteen years since his dream, but even today he is far from it. If it is said that now his dream has been completely broken, then it will not be wrong. There is some special reason for saying this too. Actually, the President of Ukraine has given a big statement about NATO three times after this war.

Ukrainian President Zelensky’s statement on NATO

In a statement, he said that Russia targeted cities in Ukraine only after NATO’s Green Signal. After this he said that Ukraine cannot become a member of NATO. He had said that when he became the President, he had put this issue in cold storage. The reason for this was the behavior of America and NATO. Later he said that NATO should clearly state whether it will give membership to Ukraine or not. He also said that he is refraining from subscribing to Ukraine because NATO is afraid of Russia. Somewhere in these statements his faith in NATO can be felt to be broken.

Russia has been opposing the expansion of NATO

Talking about Ukraine’s membership of NATO, today the number of its members has reached 30. Even after the year 2000, NATO has continued its expansion process. On the other hand, if we talk about Russia, then President Vladimir Putin has always been opposed to the expansionist policies of NATO. Ukraine, since it borders Russia, does not want Ukraine to become a member of NATO and the NATO army and its deadly weapons should be deployed on its border. This is the reason why Russia does not want to allow this to happen in any of its neighboring countries. Let us tell you that the US dominates in NATO and it cannot be denied that even today there is a Cold War-like situation between Russia and America . Both of them have not lost their longing to maintain themselves as the superpowers of the world.

Ex-President Bush’s special statement

Former US President George W. Bush once said on NATO membership that Ukraine is not a real nation state. Therefore it cannot be included in NATO. Even after this, Ukraine’s ambition to join NATO could not be diminished. Apart from Bush, no other US President has ever been so clear on whether or not to grant Ukraine membership of NATO. Not only this, before this war, America was constantly saying that NATO will protect Ukraine in every possible way. But it didn’t happen.

Budapest Memorandum

It is necessary to mention this here because Ukraine was separated as an independent country in December 1991 after the dissolution of the Soviet Union. This was followed by a Budapest Memorandum of Understanding signed in December 1994 . It was signed by Russia, America, Ukraine. Under this, Ukraine returned all its nuclear weapons to Russia. Russia closed all nuclear facilities in Ukraine. All the countries that signed this memorandum had assured Ukraine of its defense.


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