US President Joe Biden said that America is in a better position than other countries to lead the world in the 21st century. In a letter to a social worker of Indian origin, he expressed the hope that if we work together, we will surely achieve success.

Congratulating Abhishek Singh, Boston-based Indian-American activist and president of the Federation of Indian Associations, New England, on Asian Heritage Month, Biden expressed hope that Americans will work on a common basis to build a just, prosperous and secure nation. He said, ‘Our country is facing many challenges at this time, we have to face it together. The path we are on today is one of the most difficult in history. Never before have I been so optimistic about America’s future, despite tough times. The President further said, ‘I believe that we are in a better position than any other country in the world to lead in the 21st century, not only through the recognition of our strength, but also through the power of our example.’