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Big News! Donald Trump not required to attest that FBI’s list of seized records is accurate, US judge rules Check here immediately

Donald Trump: Former United States President Donald Trump will not need to provide the authorities with a sworn statement stating that the list of materials seized by the FBI during their Mar-a-Lago raid was ‘accurate and complete, a federal judge said on Thursday.

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The Department of Justice was asked to provide a complete list of the materials found during the raid on Trump’s Florida residence and it will then be sent to his lawyers for confirmation. Earlier, Trump had alleged that the authorities planted some evidence at Mar-a-Lago in order to frame him.

Dearie asked Trump’s lawyers to make it clear if they want to officially claim that some evidence was planted but they refused to admit it officially claiming that it was difficult to go through all the materials.

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“There shall be no separate requirement on [Trump] at this stage, prior to the review of any of the seized materials, to lodge ex-ante final objections to the accuracy of [the government’s] inventory, its descriptions. The court’s appointment order did not contemplate that obligation,” the court said.

During the raid, more than 11,000 records were found with more than 100 marked classified, according to their official affidavit. However, the DOJ later decreased the number of classified ones to 53 in their sworn declaration.

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