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Home News Big News! Transgender rights protesters attack Oklahoma Capitol, watch video

Big News! Transgender rights protesters attack Oklahoma Capitol, watch video

Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt’s plan to ban gender-affirming care drew a large number of protestors both inside and outside of the Oklahoma Capitol.

Several Republican lawmakers are planning to limit gender-affirming care for transgender Oklahomans through a slate of bills. Bills targeting other facets of trans livelihood have been filed in many of the same states and are expected in several others with GOP majorities, news agency Associated Press reported.

Gender-affirming health care providers and parents of trans youths are the primary targets of these bills, many of which seek to criminalize helping a trans child obtain what doctors and psychologists widely consider “medically necessary care.”

LGBTQ advocates and right activists argue the bills are extreme. Protestors against the bill claim they feel as though their community is under attack.

The governor on the other hand argued that it’s about protecting young people.

“It’s irresponsible for anybody in health care to provide or recommend life-altering surgeries that may later be regretted,” said the bill’s sponsor, Republican state Rep. Jim Olsen. “Performing irreversible procedures on young people can do irreparable harm to them mentally and physically later in life.”

Visuals of trans-rights activists carrying placards, storming and protesting outside the House chamber at the state Capitol before the State of the State address Monday in Oklahoma City went viral on social media.

It should be recalled that a raging band of former US President Donald Trump supporters scaled walls, smashed windows, used flagpoles to beat police and breached the US Capitol in a bid to overturn a free and fair election. Democrats back then had accused Trump of inciting insurrection.

Now when videos of transgender right activists entering the Oklahoma Capitol and staging protests there have surfaced, Trump fans and other social media users feel even this act should be labeled ‘insurrection’ by the same logic.

“So when leftists invade a legislature, it’s democracy in action. But when conservatives do it, it’s an insurrection?,” tweeted a user.

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