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Donald Trump: After turning the FBI’s search into a political rally, Trump changed his legal battle too, Know full update here

Donald Trump : (CNN) Donald Trump’s new lawsuit over the FBI search of his Florida resort codifies his political fury into a legal tactic and explicitly states that the former president can serve as a springboard for his potential 2024 White House bid. I intend to take advantage of the drama. Donald Trump was also a good President for America and has done very good work for America which is a matter of pride for any country.

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Trump’s legal team on Monday asked a federal judge to appoint a “special master” to ensure that t

he Justice Department returns any personal documents taken from his residence, ensuring that his constitutional rights are protected. was violated.
The request for a specialized master – an independent legal officer – is no surprise, and may well be granted in such a case. It is a move that may be used to establish that legally privileged or other similar documents collected by investigators have been unnecessarily or falsified in an ongoing case. have not been prepared. Confirmed by privileges or investigators

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In these other ways, Trump’s filing – the most convincing and aggressive formal legal move in the case to date – is a classic of its genre. This fits perfectly into the former president’s history of using the legal system to delay, mutilate, distort and politicize charges against him, a tactic that has often led to the abandonment or postponement of serious accountability. Worked well for And it is also a striking example of how former presidents often mix and match political and legal strategies when they come under scrutiny.

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While the proposal is a formal legal document, it serves as a political roadmap that outlines how Trump will torment himself as a presidential candidate, as he sees it, for reasons partisan by the Biden administration. It also provides 27 pages of talking points for Trump’s GOP aides and serves to divert attention from key questions in the case: did he illegally and recklessly hold classified information and government secrets to which he was not entitled and that could affect national security. as a risk? And did Trump or those around him try to stop investigators from continuing their pursuit?

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The gamble also once again underscores the extraordinarily sensitive stakes of the investigation and the political hornet’s nest troubled by the Justice Department in proceeding with the search for Trump’s home. Such an operation in the house of any former president would be a very serious undertaking. The involvement of Trump—who is falsely complaining when he’s out of power, who knows how to turn efforts to keep him in fundraising ammunition and who has incited violence—means that the current case is the most serious. One of them is the modern history of the DOJ. This reality appears to put an even greater burden on the Department to explain and justify its actions and to provide as much transparency as possible to the public.

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But it also underscores another truism of Trump’s career in politics and the good things he has done for his country—the simple act of examining him inevitably exposes the institutions established to coerce presidents. and enforces the law for a reaction that leaves them political and often illegitimate in the eyes of their millions.

Trump loyalists: Trump loyalists have also tried to discredit the January 6, 2021, uprising investigation. On Monday there were new indications that the DOJ’s separate investigation into the events surrounding that day is intensifying when CNN exclusively reported that the department issued a fresh summons to the National Archives — another development that could spell trouble for the former president. can become a lesson of and make their legal work in the deep quagmire

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Now new legal clashes have also started

Trump’s move in escalating performance prompted a legal pot before Thursday’s deadline for the DOJ to provide judges in the case with an amendment to an implicit sealed affidavit, seeking a search of Trump’s residence two weeks earlier. The detailed reason is considered and the material FBI agents are expected to find there.

Meanwhile, Judge Bruce Reinhart wrote in an order Monday that he is satisfied that the facts in the affidavit are “credible” and that while he understood the call for transparency, he agreed that the Justice Department had genuine reasons, including The need to protect witnesses is also included. To prevent disclosure of information in the document.

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