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Know why China is a threat to the world today, monitoring cities through Internet of Things module

Know why China is a threat to the world today: Today we will tell you why China is proving to be a threat to the world today, monitoring cities through the Internet of Things module. Let us tell you that along with monitoring cities through IoT, interruptions can also be created in the system. Can Chinese Internet of Things (IoT) modules are capable of spying on critical national infrastructure and key industries.

China is becoming a threat to the world by adopting new tactics. Where the Pentagon has said that China is expected to monitor the Pentagon with a spy balloon. At the same time, China’s Internet of Things (IoT) is capable of spying on important industries, infrastructure of cities of any country. Along with monitoring cities through IoT, interruptions can also be created in the system.

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Internet of Things, which China is using

By reaching the next level, China is monitoring the cities of enemy countries through artificial intelligence, beyond the common weapons fight. Internet of Things is one such module in which digital devices, people, machines, equipment and other objects are connected to each other through wireless networks. The Internet of Things (IoT) allows machines and people to connect and communicate with each other. It is considered to be the future of the Internet.

Actually, Internet of Things is the development of technology, in which many gadgets will be connected together through networking. Internet of Things is also called IOT. In this, all the gadgets connect together and exchange data with each other, which brings integration between all the devices. This makes the concept of smart home, smart city correct. We can remotely monitor our home and handle our home appliances. But by misusing this technology, China is intent on gathering information by monitoring the cities. In this way China has become a threat to the whole world.

Chinese Internet of Things (IoT) modules provide detailed monitoring of smart cities and are capable of causing damage by sabotaging the systems of critical devices. All the electronic objects, computers, their networks are studied and described in IOT. Then the work of destroying them is done. China considers America its most dangerous enemy. Through this Internet of Things (IoT), China’s intelligence services have been able to trace US-made weapons.

IoT devices can collect data collected from a wide range of sources, including individuals’ interactions, such as car computers, home appliances, or wearable devices. British diplomat Charles Patrone says that countries should take steps to ban Chinese IoT modules from their supply chains as soon as possible. He also said that there should be a thorough audit of where these modules are embedded in government assets and services and critical national infrastructure. He said a ban on buying new Chinese IoT modules should be imposed by the end of this year and issued a deadline for replacing existing products by the end of 2025, Portal Plus reported.

What are the threats to India?

There has been a rapid growth of IoT products in the country during the last decade. A report states that India’s IoT market grew by 264 percent in the second quarter of 2022. Secondly, with this growth there has been a significant increase in cyber attacks in India. Cyber attacks on both India’s digital infrastructure and IoT products have grown exponentially in the last few years. According to a recent Microsoft report, India is among the top three countries in terms of malware attacks on IoT products.

cyber attack from china

In particular, cyber and malware attacks from China are a serious threat to India, as was the recent attack on the digital infrastructure of the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), the premier hospital in New Delhi. The entire structure was paralyzed. Last year, Chinese hackers also attacked India’s power grid in the northern region of Ladakh.

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