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The former President of America was fined so many million dollars! Know what is the matter Donald Trump will have to pay a fine of US $ 1 million, know the reason

Former US President Donald Trump has been hit hard for filing fake lawsuits against Hillary Clinton and others. In fact, angered by his action, a US court has imposed a fine of about one million US dollars on former President Donald Trump and one of his lawyers for filing a fake lawsuit against Hillary Clinton and others.

A Florida court gave its order on Thursday. US District Judge Donald M. Middlebrooks pulled up Trump, accusing him of abusing the courts to file bogus lawsuits for political purposes.

‘The rule of law weakens’

The court said that this “undermines the rule of law” and obstructs justice. “Here, we are hearing a suit that should never have been filed and is frivolous both factually and legally and was filed for an improper purpose,” he wrote in his order.

astute litigant ‘trump’

The court referred to various lawsuits filed by Trump, describing Trump as a “shrewd” litigator who uses the courts to take revenge on his political opponents. The court said, “He is the mastermind of the strategic abuse of judicial process.”

Following this decision, Trump and his lawyer Alina Habba will have to pay about 9,38,000 US dollars to the defendants of the case.

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