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Home News The photographer praised King Charles for "doing everything he could".

The photographer praised King Charles for “doing everything he could”.

A royal photographer who has taken pictures of King Charles III since 1977 revealed the monarch’s loving name when referring to his wife Queen Consort Camilla. Arthur Edwards said that Camilla “brings out the best” in King Charles in his new photo book ‘Behind The Crown: My Life Photographing the Royal Family’.

Arthur Edwards said King Charles “always” refers to Camilla as “my darling wife” adding that Camilla “has such a wonderful sense of fun” and “has brought a spring to Charles’ step”.

Recalling Charles and Camilla’s first tour of the US, the photographer said, “I remember going to a market north of Los Angeles, and someone gave her a peach or something and [Camilla] started to eat it, which no royal would do,” he told the publication.”

“But she did. She really enjoyed it. And I remember saying, ‘Diana would never do that’. But she was different. And she brought a whole new meaning for Prince Charles,” Arthur Edwards added.

“He’s now a much happier person. He’s contented. And he always refers to her as ‘my darling wife’,” the photographer further added.

The photographer also praised King Charles for “doing everything he could to make a difference”, saying, “For 70 years, he waited to become the King, but he wasn’t going to sort of just sit there and play backgammon and shoot champagne. He was going to make a difference, and he did. He’s a pioneer for the underdog. If a big supermarket was coming to a village where all the local shops would be destroyed, he’d fight for the village.”

King Charles and Queen Consort Camilla’s coronation will take place in May this year.

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