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Trump: Trump legal battle to set lane for 2024

It’s become clear that he won’t have an unobstructed path to the GOP nomination.

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Not much has been clear since the two weeks after the FBI’s Mar-a-Lago search, but former President Donald Trump can’t contain himself when it comes to a potential legal threat.

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But that event has also helped to set a lane in the field of 2024 under increasing pressure on other fronts, from Georgia and New York to Washington, which certainly conveys the simplicity between the two.

Trump-loyal lawmakers, including censors Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley, have backed the former president with new attacks on the FBI. And Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis – whose primary bid is due on Tuesday – has chosen a similar path, which he calls the Justice Department “armed” in his broad campaign message.

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Trump’s Vice President Mike Pence is hedging the Mar-a-Lago raid, however, telling ABC News in Iowa on Friday that while he is “deeply disturbed” by the federal operation on Trump’s home, “the FBI is trying to save the FBI”. Calls to defame the police are just as it is wrong.”

Then there’s Wyoming Republican Rep. Liz Cheney, fresh off her primary loss but making clear her work against those who deny the legitimacy of the 2020 election will carry through 2022 and, of course, 2024. In an interview with ABC News’ Jonathan Karl on “This Week,” she labeled Cruz and Hawley as “unfit for future office” and called out DeSantis for “right now campaigning for election-deniers.”

Cheney declined to say whether a potential presidential run would take her through the Republican primaries or a campaign as an independent, though she said she realizes why the Republican National Committee would work to keep her off a debate stage that includes Trump.

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Both options are on the table for Cheney. It’s become clear that, whenever he might announce and however various legal cases unfold, Trump won’t have an unobstructed path to the 2024 GOP nomination — and that intraparty efforts to stop him will not end if he becomes the nominee.

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Though midterm elections are fast approaching, potential 2024 candidates are already making appearances in battleground states across the country.

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Even though his name is on the ballot in his home state of Florida, Gov. DeSantis has been hitting the campaign trail elsewhere. He has stumped for Trump-backed election deniers — like Senate candidate J.D. Vance in Ohio and gubernatorial hopeful Doug Mastriano on Pennsylvania — in an effort to raise his national profile, and underline his conservative credentials, ahead of a possible presidential run.

We can’t just stand idly by while woke ideology ravages every institution in our society,” DeSantis said at his Pennsylvania event on Friday, sticking to a message about cultural issues which he’s made a focus of his gubernatorial term and reelection effort.

Former Vice President Pence campaigned last week at the Iowa State Fair with GOP Sen. Chuck Grassley — though his appearance was shadowed, yet again, by his former running mate. While Trump faces mounting legal problems, Pence blasted those critics — many of them Republicans — of the FBI in the wake of the Mar-a-Lago raid. He also said he didn’t take classified information from office, the very thing the Department of Justice is investigating in relation to its search of Trump’s home.

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Pence did all of this while avoiding giving definitive answers on whether he’ll make a run for the White House.

“After the first of the year, my family and I’ll do as we’ve always done, and that is reflect and pray on where we might next serve, where we might next contribute,” he said.

The challenge, should either he or DeSantis launch a GOP primary bid, is garnering significant support in a party that is still very much aligned with Trump, who has repeatedly hinted at a run of his own.

“If it were between Pence and Trump, I would vote for Trump,” Iowa fairgoer Deb Taylor said in a recent interview with ABC News.

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That sentiment is a demonstration of how arduous a path Pence or DeSantis could have to a GOP presidential nomination with Trump still in the picture.

New York’s primary season has ended this week with a double Democratic pileup in some of the nation’s most confident blue fields. which can be good news for the country

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One of the hottest contests is taking place in New York’s 12th Congressional District, pitting veteran representatives Carolyn Maloney and Jerry Nadler against each other after this year’s redistribution changes. Both MPs won their seats in 1992 and are also currently the chairmen of powerful House committees. While both speak of their decades of experience, a third primary challenger, Suraj Patel – a young lawyer who worked on former President Barack Obama’s campaigns – pointed to the age gap between himself and incumbent lawmakers in his campaign. carefully tied for political stability. Advertisements that “It’s time for the Obama generation.”

With few ideological differences separating Maloney and Nadler, their campaigns have shifted to highlighting identity politics. Nadler has said that if he were to lose his seat, New York City – which has the largest Jewish population in the world – could lose its only Jewish representative in the House. Meanwhile, Maloney explains that if she were to lose, Manhattan would not have a woman in a congressional delegation where women’s rights have been pushed to the forefront of politics.

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The lead-up to Tuesday’s contest also included backhanded declarations of support from an unwanted negotiator: Trump. He said he had “supported” Maloney and attorney Dan Goldman, who are running in New York’s 10th district Democratic primary, even though both candidates were actively involved in Trump’s first impeachment—Maloney is chairman of the House Oversight Committee. And as Goldman. Leading counsel for Democrats at trial.

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Although both Maloney and Goldman dismissed Trump’s statements as trolling, some of his primary opponents have jumped on the former president’s comments to highlight their own attacks.

“I am proud that Donald Trump has nothing positive to say about me because he knows how effective a new generation of diverse, energetic Democrats will be in stalling his agenda,” Patel tweeted. He knows this very well

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