Elon Musk is igniting the space race for commercial purposes


A notoriously mercurial individual runs the largest constellation of satellites currently orbiting the planet. that it Elon Musk And his company Star link “For satellites that are transforming communications around the world, as reported Bloomberg Agency.

Star link, a unit of Elon Musk’s SpaceX, operates more than 5,000 satellites that provide high-speed Internet services to approximately 2.5 million people in places that did not have easy access to the Internet.

Musk accomplished this in a relatively short period of time, given the time frame that typically governs putting satellites into orbit. But Star link’s rapid success and the unpredictable nature of its owner have become a recipe for controversy.

Star link has begun the space race for commercial and consumer purposes, which sees wealthy competitors like Musk’s fellow billionaire…Jeff Bezos An opportunity that should be seized.

The use of Star link services in war zones is a source of particular concern for the United States and other countries. In Ukraine, where Star link services were crucial to defending the capital, Kiev, against the Russian invasion that killed tens of thousands, Musk threatened to cut off services and at one point rejected a request to expand coverage near the occupied Crimean peninsula in Ukraine.