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NASA Ingenuity Mars helicopter soars past 1 mile mark in 10th flight over Red Planet

NASA said that the 10th flight of the Ingenuity Mars helicopter on Mars was the most complex flight ever. There were more than 10 routes on its way.

US space agency NASA’s Ingenuity Mars helicopter made its 10th and highest flight ever. During this, the helicopter completed a total distance of one mile on the Red Planet. NASA officials from the space agency’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) wrote in an Instagram post, “With the success of the Mars Helicopter flight today, we have covered the total flight distance of one mile so far.” According to NASA, this flight was the most complex flight ever. There were more than 10 routes on its way.

During its flight, the Ingenuity helicopter took off from its sixth airfield. During this, the helicopter covered a distance of about 95 meters in 165 seconds. Also set a new record for maximum flight height of 12 metres. It also took pictures of a region of the Red Planet. This place is called Raised Ridges, where NASA is planning to send the Perseverance rover. It is worth noting that NASA’s Perseverance rover with its Ingenuity Mars helicopter landed on the surface of Mars in February this year.

Perseverance rover can be sent to the raised ridges area

The US space agency had mentioned in an earlier statement that Flight 10 would target an area called ‘Red Ridges’ (RR) during its flight. This region is named on the basis of geographical features. This place starts about 164 feet (50 meters) southwest of our current location. NASA said that we will be imaging the raised ridges because this is an area that the scientists of the Perseverance rover find interesting. The plan to send the rover here in the future is also being considered. NASA said that the photographs taken by the helicopter from different paths of the Raised Ridge area will be unified.

Flight to Mars for the first time on April 19

Let us inform that the helicopter weighing four pounds was fitted inside NASA’s Perseverance Rover and it landed on the surface of Mars on 4 April. When the Ingenuity helicopter took off for the first time on 19 April, it created history. Actually, this was the first time that a helicopter was flown on a planet other than Earth. Initially, engineers had planned to conduct five flight tests so that the Perseverance rover could carry out its major task of searching for ancient life. During the test flight, the rover acted as a cameraman. At the same time, now the engineers have planned to do more test flights considering the performance of the helicopter.


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