President Joe Biden lashed out at Donald Trump, called him dangerous for America, said…


Washington. US President Joe Biden gave the ‘State of the Union’ speech on Thursday. During this time he made efforts to woo voters for his second term. Also appealed to them to reject ‘resentment and revenge’. He has described Republican Party candidate and former President Donald Trump as a dangerous option. He cautioned people not to re-elect Donald Trump. Let us tell you, every year the President of America jointly addresses both the houses of the Parliament, which is known as ‘State of the Union’ or ‘SOTU’.

This time Joe Biden has given the ‘State of the Union’ address at a time when he will again be contesting for the presidential election after 8 months. Biden said, “My life has taught me to embrace freedom and democracy.”

Without naming Trump, Biden said, “The future is based on the core values ​​that have defined America: honesty, decency, dignity, equality, respecting everyone, giving everyone a fair chance, not harboring hatred.” Some other people my age see a different story: an American story of outrage and vengeance. I am not like that.”

Joe Biden takes aim at Donald Trump

Joe Biden touted his infrastructure and manufacturing achievements and pressured Parliament to approve more aid to Ukraine, stricter rules on migration and lowering drug prices. Biden presented a picture of an optimistic future for the country but also warned that the progress he is seeing at home and abroad will be in danger if Trump becomes president again.