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Trump said on Biden’s participation in the swearing in – I don’t want to talk

Washington. US President Donald Trump lost the election to Joe Biden in the election but Trump is not ready to give up. The swearing-in ceremony of the newly elected President Biden is to take place on 20 January 2021. So when Donald Trump was asked in an interview whether he would attend the inaugural ceremony of his successor, Joe Biden, for his presidency (Inaugral Ceremony)? Donald Trump refused to give any response to this question. Trump only replied to co-host Brian Kilmade on TV’s ‘Fox and Friends’ program that I don’t want to talk about it.

‘I did a lot of work for America in my program’

Trump did not respond to his participation in the swearing-in and said in his praise that we have done great things during our tenure. In the history of the presidential election of our country, I have got more votes than any other President. Is it true that this has happened in the history of our country? Nobody is even around me. I got 75 million votes, which is more than the vote of former President Barack Obama. And they are saying that we have lost the election. We have not lost elections.

I am worried about the future of the country: what will Trump
do if he does not win until Biden’s swearing-in ceremony? On this question, Trump said that I am worried about going to the country in the hands of an illegal president. My concern is only about the future of the country.

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Trump said that a president was badly defeated. This election is not over on par. You see the results of Georgia. We won Georgia by huge odds. We won by a huge margin in Pennsylvania. We won very well at Wisconsin. We live brilliantly.


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