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Home News Biden named California Attorney General as Health Minister

Biden named California Attorney General as Health Minister

Washington, AP. America’s newly elected President Joe Biden has elected California’s Attorney General Javier Becerra as Health Minister. Becerra has been a supporter of affordable health care legislation and will now play a key role in the Biden administration’s campaign against the Corona virus. After the Senate approval, Becerra (62) will be the first Latin American to head the Department of Health and Human Services. The budget of this department is more than one thousand billion dollars and it has 80,000 employees.

This department works for more than 13 million US citizens for medicines and vaccines, modern medical research, health insurance programs. The Trump administration recently attempted to end ‘Obama Care’, but Becerra defended it as California’s Attorney General. Now the case is in the US Supreme Court, which is likely to be decided next year.

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Becerra, a former Democrat MP, was instrumental in promoting then President Barack Obama’s health law during 2009–2010. The newly elected President Biden has named Harvard’s infectious disease specialist Dr. Rosel Valensky as the head of the Center for Disease and Control (CDC). The appointment of Valensky would not require Senate approval.

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