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Home Politics Biden gets formal majority to form government, California province approves victory

Biden gets formal majority to form government, California province approves victory

Washington:  The province of California has sealed the victory of Democratic candidate Joe Biden. After the results of the 55 Electoral College came in favor, Biden has won the majority needed to form the government. Biden has the support of 279 electoral colleges, while the required figure is 270.

California Secretary of State Alex Padilla formalized Biden’s victory.

Although these formalities are not generally emphasized so much in presidential elections, this time it is being considered important by the current President Donald Trump because of not accepting Biden’s victory. Electors whose victory has been announced in California will meet with their counterparts from other provinces on December 14 and formally vote for the next president. After this, on January 6, the Congress will put a final seal on it.

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Only 27 Republican MPs accept Biden’s victory

Of the 249 Republican lawmakers, only 27 have accepted the electoral victory of newly elected President Joe Biden. In a poll conducted by the Washington Post, two Republican lawmakers consider Trump to be the winner of the presidential election, while 220 lawmakers declined to comment on who won the election. This is done after the video of the survey trump in which he claimed to have defeated Biden. Eight MPs from the Republican Party supported Trump’s claim of victory and have asked provincial legislatures to declare him the winner, where the president has suffered defeat.

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