Pakistan: PM Imran Khan’s driver got married to a wealthy woman businessman from Saudi Arabia!


Imran Khan Driver got married to a Saudi Arabian Rich Business Women ?: The driver of Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan (Pakistan PM Imran Khan) is married to a Saudi Arabian rich woman businessman (Arab Women Businessman). A post claiming this is becoming very fast on social media.

Islamabad The driver of Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan is married to a rich Arab businessman from Saudi Arabia. A post claiming this is becoming very viral on social media. Reactions are being seen in favor and opposition of marriage on the tweeted video. On the one hand, people are telling this as an example of love. On the other hand, on this video, it is also being claimed that it is a clip of an Arab wedding. Some people believe that this video is being shared with a fake message. At the same time, after this video went viral, people have started to tighten the Prime Minister Imran Khan.

The woman is Saudi’s richest businessman Sahu Bint

It is being claimed in the video that the woman is Saudi’s richest businessman Sahu Bint Abdullah Al Mahboob. Sahu owns several properties including hotels in Mecca and Medina as well as in France and other countries. His total assets are said to be $ 8 billion. In the video, the person she is seen to be engaged to is being described as her driver of Pakistani origin.

However, there is no clear opinion on whether this incident is true or not? At the same time, it has also been claimed on many websites that this video is actually about the wedding of two Arabic citizens and the woman seen in it is not a rich businessman of Saudi.

Pakistan’s PM Imran Khan is being criticized

After the unfolding of this video, Pakistan Prime Minister Imran has come under target of the people. Actually, an old picture of Imran is being shared in which he is seen driving for Saudi Prince. On social media, people are worrying about the deteriorating relations between Pakistan and Saudi Arabia. Recently, Saudi Arabia refused to give new loan to Pakistan and also asked to repay the loan taken earlier. Since then, the Imran government has come under pressure to repay billions of dollars of debt.

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Saudi Arabia had given a loan of $ 6.2 billion for 3 years under the economic aid package to Pakistan and which included cash assistance of $ 3 billion. Saudi Arabia was to supply oil and gas to Pakistan for $ 3.2 billion. But, Pakistan’s foreign minister had stopped this package in 2020 only after interfering with Saudi Arabia on Kashmir issue and then making provocative statements. Not only this, after this Saudi asked Pakistan to repay the loan. Now Pakistan is repaying this loan with the help of China.

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