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Donald Trump said – I will fight with my life to stay in the presidency

US President Donald Trump has said that he will continue to “fight with all his heart” to stay in the presidency. He has also asked Republican lawmakers to try to reverse the victory of newly elected President Joe Biden.

There will be a parliament meeting this week to confirm the results of the electoral college vote. Trump supporters rallied in Georgia on Monday night. Trump encouraged the supporters, saying, “The newly elected president who is not going to reach the White House.”

Donald Trump said that the purpose of his visit was to increase the enthusiasm of Republican lawmakers before the parliament meeting, but most of the time in his address he discussed the election and said that “victory has been ours.” Republican lawmakers urged that they formally file a protest in the joint session of parliament on Wednesday. Joe Biden’s victory in the session of Parliament is to be confirmed.

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However, many people have protested against this stubborn stand of Trump. The 10 surviving former US defense ministers wrote in an article, “The time to question the results is over.” Vice President Mike Pence, who was in Georgia campaigning, said, “I promise you that we will have our day in Parliament on Wednesday.”

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