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Big News: Donald Trump will leave America before Joe Biden is sworn in as President!

Donald Trump will leave America: Donald Trump is being told that he will leave the country after taking the Sworn as President of America on January 20, 2021. This speculation was intensified when it was reported that the US Army aircraft to be used in trumps would land in Scotland on 19 January.

Washington. On the one hand, US President Donald Trump has been saying the other day that he has not lost the election and he will continue to challenge the results. However, in the meantime, speculation has started that they can now go to any other country except America (Donald Trump Will Leave US). It is being said about Donald Trump that he will leave the country after taking the oath of office of Joe Biden on 20 January 2021. This speculation was further intensified when it was reported that on January 19, the US Army aircraft used by Trump was about to land in Scotland. Explain that there is also a golf resort of Trump in Scotland.

Sometimes this aircraft is used for trump

Scotland’s Prestwick Airport has been informed that the US Army’s Boeing 757 aircraft will land on 19 January. This passenger aircraft was used on several occasions. In this way, Donald Trump will reach Scotland just before Biden becomes President. The speculation came at a time when it is being said in the US that Trump will make an announcement about re-election in 2024 in the President’s Air Force One aircraft on Biden’s swearing-in day.

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a source at Mexico Scotland Airport said, just before Biden’s oath, a US military version of the Boeing 757 aircraft was booked. This aircraft is used by the Vice-President of the United States, but often the first lady of America, Melania Trump has been using this aircraft.

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