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Donald Trump still did not give up, claimed to remain on the presidency

Washington: The newly elected US President Joe Biden is scheduled to receive an official certificate of victory in the US presidential election in a few days, but the current President Donald Trump has not yet accepted defeat. He claimed that he would continue in the post. He is making claims of fraud and misconduct in the costar presidential election. On the other hand, election officials and media have denied any such fraud. Biden has been declared the winner in the presidential election. He has received more than 270 out of 538 electoral college votes.

Trump has allowed the official start of the transfer of power, but has not given up yet. The Trump campaign has filed fraud cases during elections in many states, but has not achieved much success. Most of these lawsuits have been dismissed so far. Trump told reporters during the Vaccine Summit at the White House on Tuesday that the next administration was expected to be the Trump administration, during which time the stock market rose to the highest position. During this time the highest employment was created and the army was rebuilt.

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Trump said this in response to a question. He was asked why he did not invite members of Biden’s team to the meeting? Who discussed plans to distribute the Corona vaccine in the US. During this, he said, ‘Let’s see who is the next government? Because we won in those swing states and there were wrong things happening. So we have to see who is the next government. Whoever has the government will benefit. In fact the work we have done together with this science, doctors and lab technicians is incredible. This will prove beneficial for the next administration.

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