Google Pay is shutting down in the US from June 4, do this work before that


Google Pay User Update: There is big news for those making online payments through Google Pay app. Google has decided to shut down this app. Google has said in a blog post that it will shut down the Google Pay app in America from June 4.

After this, the Google Pay app visible on the homescreen of Android phones will no longer be visible. However, people of India need not worry because Google Pay will continue to work here. This payment app is used most in America, India and Singapore.

Google has stated that the purpose of shutting down Google Pay is to simplify Google’s payment offering by transferring all features to the Google Wallet platform. Google has also stopped peer-to-peer payments for American users. Google said that after the closure of Google Pay in America, users will neither be able to send nor receive money with the help of the app. Google Pay was launched to establish better relationships and business with people. Information about purchase history can also be obtained from the app. Its purpose is to help users gain control over expenses.

Advice to shift to Google Wallet:

Google has advised Google Pay users in America to shift to Google Wallet before June 4. Google Wallet provides features like virtual debit/credit cards, tickets, passes and tap-to-pay. Google says that it will continue to provide updates to its users from time to time.

The app will not be closed in India and Singapore.

Google has clearly said that the Google Pay app is being closed only in America. This move of the company will have no impact in India and Singapore. “For the millions of people who use the Google Pay app in India and Singapore, nothing will change,” Google said in the blog.