US’s Moon Mission! Chandrayaan overturned after landing on the Moon – Details


An American private company has created history by landing a spacecraft on the Moon. This is the first time that a private company’s spacecraft has landed on the Moon.

However, this spacecraft overturned after landing on the lunar surface. This caused concern. But it is a matter of relief that despite the reversal, it is still giving figures. Know what problems Chandrayaan faced after landing on the surface.

The name of this private American spacecraft is Odysseus. It landed near the moon’s south pole after a dramatic landing. But while landing on the lunar surface, the spacecraft overturned and is lying on the lunar surface. On Friday, the company said the ground controller robot was working on downloading data and surface images.

When did the plane land on the moon?

It is noteworthy that the Odysseus spacecraft landed near the south pole of the Moon at 6:23 pm Eastern Time (2323 GMT) on Thursday. During this time, teams of scientists had to work on a backup and it took several minutes to establish radio contact.

There were some technical problems: Altemus

Intuitive Machines, the private company behind the first moon landing, initially posted on social media that its hexagonal spacecraft was upright, but CEO Steve Altemus told reporters Friday that the statement was based on misinterpreted data . Altemus said the team’s ability to download data from science experiments on board was being hampered by downward-facing antennas, which are unusable back to Earth.

Big success of private company

Notably, Odysseus is still considered the first success for a new fleet of NASA-funded Moon landers designed to conduct science experiments, paving the way for the return of American astronauts to the Moon under the Artemis program. . Last month, a Moon mission by another American company failed. This mission has shown that private companies have the ability to repeat the feat achieved by the US space agency NASA during the Apollo 17 mission in 1972.