Mexico: 1000 year old mysterious Maya city found in the forest of this country


Mexico: During excavation or exploration in many countries of the world, many such mysterious things are found, which provide important information about thousands of years old secrets.

Sometimes even priceless treasure is found. During exploration in a forest in Mexico, America, a 1000-year-old mysterious city of Maya civilization has been found. Even knowledgeable experts are surprised about this. Many of its secrets are surprising. A 50 feet high pyramid has also been found here.

During the latest search expedition in the dense forests of Mexico, experts have found a lost city of Maya civilization. This city is 1000 years old and a 50 feet high pyramid has also been found in it. Not only this, an ancient sports pitch has also been found in it. Experts from all over the world are surprised to see this huge city. It is believed that in the coming time, many important information about the end of Maya civilization can be obtained from this city.

Pyramid like structures, grand buildings will surprise you

Several pyramid-like structures, three plazas with grand buildings, and numerous stone columns and cylindrical structures have been found in the Maya city. Looking at them it seems that this was once home to thousands of people. It is estimated that one of the pyramids was 82 feet high and was visible over the surrounding forest.

The discovery also included several high altars and, most importantly, an ancient playing field that was used for religious ceremonies. This Maya settlement dates back to between 250 AD and 1000 AD. Lead archaeologist Ivan Sprage said that these cities were lost to time and no one knew their exact location.

The people of Maya civilization created the first ball game

The Maya people are credited with creating the first ball game, which is why the city had a large court. Based on the analysis of artefacts such as pottery and ceramic objects found in the buildings, it is said that the collapse of this archaeological site may have occurred between 800 and 1000 AD. Many Maya societies in the region collapsed during the 10th century and were not discovered for centuries.