Russia can attack Ukraine anytime in the middle of the Winter Olympic Games, Biden warns its citizens


President Joe Biden has once again appealed to his citizens present in Ukraine to leave the country and return. He has warned that Russia can attack Ukraine at any time, even during the Winter Olympic Games.

Washington (AFP). The US President has said that Russia can attack Ukraine at any time during the ongoing Beijing Olympic Games in China. Therefore, he has appealed to his citizens present there to leave the country once again. Biden has said in his voice message that Russia has started exercises on the border with Ukraine. He has also said that America is facing a challenge from a big and powerful Russian army in the world. Things may change very rapidly in the coming days. However, in this message, Biden has once again made it clear that he will not send his army to Ukraine. However, he is definitely increasing the number of his soldiers in NATO’s army.

Biden’s statement comes at a time when Russia has taken off tanks for fire drills in Belarus. NATO has warned Russia not to take any wrong steps again. On the other hand, pressure is increasing on Western countries to avoid the war at any cost. The US says that Russia’s threat of infiltration into Ukraine’s border has increased. Let us tell you that the tension between Russia and Ukraine is the highest since the Cold War on this issue. The US believes that Russia has deployed about 1.30 lakh soldiers with heavy weapons along the Ukrainian border. Apart from this, Russia has also deployed its state-of-the-art and lethal S-400 missile defense.

Recently NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg has also admitted that Europe is at a dangerous juncture at this time. During a press conference, he said that Russian forces deployed in Belarus are being closely monitored. Let us tell you that earlier America had claimed that Russia is working on the false flag plan. Under this, he will attack Ukraine but will show the world that Ukraine had attacked earlier and they have acted in defense.