America will use Afghanistan’s funds, Taliban said – this is a low level of humanity


Taliban on Afghan Bank Assets The Taliban has criticized the US’ decision to use Afghanistan’s funds for 9/11 victims. The Taliban said it was a sign of the lowest level of human and moral degradation.

US President Joe Biden has signed a special executive order deciding to use a portion of the confiscated assets of Afghanistan’s banks for the 9/11 victims of America. At the same time, the Taliban has criticized this decision of Joe Biden.

Mohammad Naeem, a spokesman for the Taliban’s political office in Qatar, tweeted on Friday: “The theft and seizure of Afghanistan’s funds by the US indicates the lowest level of human and moral degradation of any country or nation.”

Significantly, US President Biden has signed an executive order on Friday. According to this, half of the $ 7 billion worth of Afghan assets confiscated in the US will be given to the families of 9/11 victims of America. While the remaining half of the amount will be released to aid Afghanistan.

The US Secretary of State said in a statement, “The people of Afghanistan face enormous challenges. The US also recognizes the victims of terrorism, including the September 11 terrorist attacks.

Earlier, two foreign journalists associated with UNHCR, a UN agency working for refugees, have been released from Taliban custody in Afghanistan. UNHCR said that two journalists and Afghan nationals who worked with them in Kabul have been released and we are grateful to those who have helped for this. We are committed to the people of Afghanistan.