Imran Khan Naya Pakistan; Aamir Liaquat Third Marriage Everything Else You Need


TV host and Imran Khan’s party Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) MP Aamir Liaquat, one of the celebrities of Pakistan, is going to get married for the third time. Prime Minister Imran Khan has also done three marriages so far. Imran has congratulated his MP on this marriage through phone.

The special thing is that he got divorced from Aamir’s second wife on Wednesday and it was not even 24 hours that Liaquat sahib proudly introduced his next Sharik-e-Hayat i.e. wife to the world on social media.

By the way, PTI Chairman and Prime Minister Imran Khan’s congratulations to Amir Liaquat should not be considered as a surprise. Imran himself, who is about 70 years old, has also done three marriages. The name of the first wife is Jemima Goldsmith, the name of the second wife is Reham Khan. The third wife is Bushra Bibi Maneka. Bushra has five children from her first marriage.

According to ‘Jeo News’, ‘ Duniya Jale To Jale
‘, Aamir Liaquat is often in the news due to his ridiculous statements, but there is no shortage of his fans. This is the reason that in the 2018 elections, Imran gave him a party ticket and he won and became an MP.

However, Aamir said on social media – Wazir-e-Azam Janab Imran Khan sahib called me and congratulated me on the marriage. I am deeply grateful to them. As far as those who are jealous of my marriage, I can only say this to them – if the world burns, then burns.

However, some users on social media are taking a dig at Liaquat. A user put a photo of a newborn girl with the old photo of Aamir and said – 18 years ago Liaquat and his future wife. Another user said – Aamir has only one job. Nikah-divorce, nikah-divorce and nikah-divorce.

First and Second Wife On
Wednesday, his second wife Syeda Tuba Anwar announced a divorce. Earlier, he had also divorced from Bushra Amir. On Thursday, Liaquat told on social media that he is going to marry Syeda Daniya Shah. He gave information about this marriage by posting 13 on Instagram. ‘The Express Tribune’ wrote about Dania – She turned 18 on Thursday itself. At the same time, it has been said in some media reports that Dania is still studying in school and Liaquat is 49 years old.