US-Britain strike against Houthi rebels with the support of 6 countries


US and Britain Attack on Houthis: Action by US and British forces on the positions of Houthi rebels continues. American and British forces have struck 18 positions of Houthi rebels in Yemen. American and British forces have taken this action in response to attacks on ships by Houthi rebels in Red Lagar and the Gulf of Aden.

American and British forces destroyed 18 targets

US and British forces destroyed more than a dozen Houthi positions in Yemen on Saturday, officials said. The US has targeted Houthi rebels who control the most populated parts of Yemen. The statement said that this military action has been taken at eight places in Yemen, in which 18 bases of Houthi rebels have been destroyed. These included underground weapons and missile storage facilities, air defense systems, radar and a helicopter.

America warns Houthi rebels

US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin said the attack was aimed at further reducing the strength of the Iran-backed Houthi rebels. Austin said that we want to clearly warn the Houthis that if they do not stop their illegal attacks, similar military action will be taken against them in the future.

America and Britain got the support of these countries

Let us tell you that this action of American and British Army has got the support of Australia, Bahrain, Canada, Denmark, Netherlands and New Zealand. Al-Masirah TV, a news agency run by Houthi rebels, said on Saturday that US and British forces had launched a series of attacks in the capital Sanaa.