Trump’s continuously increasing power in the Republican Party


Donald Trump and Nickky Healy: Former President Donald Trump, a contender to become the Republican candidate in the US presidential election, defeated his rival Nikki Haley in the primary election of his home state South Carolina on Saturday.

Former South Carolina Governor Haley (52) pledged to strongly contest Trump in the elections to be held on ‘Super Tuesday’ on March 5 after her defeat in the primary. Republican primary elections will be held in 21 states across the country on March 5.

‘Super Tuesday’ is the day of the primary election process to select the US presidential candidates, when primary and caucus elections are held in most of the states. After almost 90 percent of the votes were counted, Haley got 39.4 percent of the votes, while Trump got 59.9 percent of the votes, which means there was a 20 percent difference in the votes of the two leaders.

Strong possibility of becoming Republican candidate for the third time With this victory, Trump has strengthened his chances of being elected Republican candidate for the third consecutive time. Trump has earlier won the primary elections of Iowa, New Hampshire and Nevada, but the victory of South Carolina has special significance for Trump, because Haley has been the governor here twice. With this victory, Trump got the support of all 29 ‘delegates’ (party members representing voters).

Support of 1,215 ‘delegates’ required to become a candidate

CNN has said in one of its reports that the support of the remaining 21 ‘delegates’ will be based on the Congressional District results. If the candidate wins in each of the seven districts of the state, he gets the support of three ‘delegates’. Any contender needs the support of 1,215 ‘delegates’ to become the party’s candidate. So far, Haley has secured the support of 17 delegates and Trump has secured the support of 92 delegates.

‘Whatever happens, I will continue to fight for the post of President’

“I said earlier this week that no matter what happens in South Carolina, I will continue to run for president,” Haley said. I am a woman who sticks to her words. I am not giving up this fight. Most Americans reject both Donald Trump and President Joe Biden.” A confident Trump celebrated his victory in Columbia, South Carolina.