America openly said such a thing in praise of India, China and Pakistan will be jealous


America Praises India: America has once again praised India. It is natural for neighboring countries China and Pakistan to feel irritated by this praise of America. Whatever US Ambassador Eric Garcetti has said about India definitely gives a glimpse of India’s future. Eric Garcetti described the relations between India and America as complementary to each other. He said that India holds special importance for America.

‘India of the future’

US Ambassador Eric Garcetti did not stop here, he said that if you want to see the future, come to India. If you want to feel the future, come to India. If you want to work on the future, come to India. I have the privilege of serving as the leader of the United States Mission.

‘India is an important country’

Eric Garcetti has been seen praising India on many occasions before. Earlier, Garcetti had said that he took up the role of ambassador because US President Joe Biden told him that India is the most important country for him. Garcetti had said in The Energy Transition Dialogues organized by the Global Energy Alliance for People and Planet in New Delhi that the relationship between America and India is the most defining relationship of this century.

Garcetti is close to Joe Biden

It should also be mentioned here that Eric Garcetti is considered very close to President Joe Biden. Eric’s recent statement makes it clear how America sees the future of India. Relations between India and America have strengthened in the last decade. However, the latest statement of US Ambassador Eric Garcetti can also be linked to the presidential elections to be held in America where the number of voters of Indian origin is significant.