America will not harm Russia in dispute with Ukraine, Biden will not work in front of Putin


America may be saying anything about Russia’s dispute with Ukraine, but the reality is quite the opposite. In fact, in this whole matter, Russia has the power to dominate America far more.

Tensions between Russia and Ukraine do not appear to be easing at the moment. The agenda that is working behind increasing this tension is one of its business interests and the other is to maintain itself as a superpower. The news of an attack on Ukraine by the rebels last day raised everyone’s heart. After this a meeting of the United Nations Security Council was also held in which Russia along with America and other members also expressed their concern.

Let us tell you that two days ago, Russia had released a video in which Russian tanks were shown going back from the border of Ukraine. After this it seemed that now this tension is beginning to subside but it did not happen. In the current situation, once again this crisis seems to be deepening. But the biggest question here is that if Russia goes to war in Ukraine, how much America will be able to support European countries. There is also another question, who has the upper hand in this war?

Europe based on Russia

Professor Anuradha Shinoe of Jawaharlal Nehru University believes that the answer to these questions is hidden in some important things. He says that Germany and France are the largest economies in Europe. At the same time, almost the whole of Europe depends on Russia for many things. Oil and gas are the most important in this. Germany is Russia’s largest buyer of gas and oil.

After this comes the name of France. Apart from these, all the countries of Europe use Russian gas and oil. Russia earlier used to supply this through a pipeline passing through Ukraine. In return, Ukraine had to pay a hefty amount from Russia. Russia also had to suffer from this obsolete line. For this, Russia laid Nord Stream 2 under the sea. However, this ended Ukraine’s earnings from Russia.

Russia has the upper hand

In the midst of tension, even though some European countries are supporting America today, but it is a fact that Russia has an upper hand in many ways. Even though America is saying that in case of war, it will stop this Russian pipeline and impose more stringent sanctions on Russia. But there is also a reality that neither he can do this nor will any country allow him to do so. Under no circumstances will Germany or France allow it to stop or in any way hinder the wheel of their development by supporting it.

If this happens, then Russia will have to bear less and the whole of Europe will have to bear more. As far as sanctions are concerned, Russia is already facing it. There is also a fact that Ukraine also does not want to throw itself into war. In such a situation, the risk of its economy collapsing will be high. Let us also tell you here that Ukraine is badly engulfed in the bets played by Russia. Belarus,