Biden seen doing strange things, White House issues big statement on viral videos


According to the New York Post report, at the end of an event in Los Angeles, US President Joe Biden froze on stage and needed some help from former President Barack Obama. This strange moment was captured on cameras. Now the White House’s reaction has come to light in this matter.

Videos of US President Joe Biden doing strange things have gone viral. He has been seen lost in many videos, after which people started discussing it. At the same time, when the US media also mentioned this issue, the White House clarified the situation. It said that the video was tampered with. At the same time, it also took a dig at the opponents.

The White House on Monday strongly condemned the videos that went viral. A video showed President Joe Biden looking lost during the G7 summit. The White House has described Biden’s video as a malicious action by critics.

White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre cited a Washington Post report that called the video a cheap fake and a source of misinformation, as well as its virality by right-wing critics of the president. She said, “This tells you everything we need to know about how desperate Republicans are here.”

Videos were made viral with wrong intention

Karin Jean-Pierre said, ‘”Instead of talking about the performance of the President’s tenure, we are seeing these deepfakes, these manipulated videos. This has been done again with malicious intent.’ She says that some news organizations have made it very clear that the credibility of right-wing critics of the President has been a big problem because fact checkers have repeatedly caught them spreading misinformation, misleading information.

Joe Biden is 81 years old. In such a situation, his contesting the elections again in America is raising concerns among the voters about his age and ability. After this video of Biden came out, people not only in America but all over the world were making many kinds of speculations.