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Donald Trump again spoke of fraud in repeated votes, describing America as third world country

Washington: US President Donald Trump has once again accused the President of election fraud. He reiterated the unfounded claims of large scale fraud of votes, describing America as a third world country. On the other hand, Georgia’s top election official has once again confirmed the victory of Democrat candidate Biden after Trump’s appeal to count the votes.

The election official said that even after counting the votes thrice, there was no change in the result. Explain that according to Georgia law, if the winning margin is 0.5 percent, then the losing candidate can appeal the counting of votes again.

This election causes embarrassment for our country: Donald Trump

During a ceremony held at the White House on Monday, the President told reporters that these elections are a cause of embarrassment for our country. Trump said, ‘This is similar to a third world country. The votes were coming from all sides through a machinery whose owner did not know anything about. About whom no one knew anything. There were upsets in them.

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Let us tell you that President Joe Biden has won, but Trump has not accepted the defeat and has challenged the election results legally. Authorities in the provinces have denied talk of widespread fraud. Trump said, ‘It happened like a third world country. I think this has become the case. Now we see what can be done, but you will see that something big is going to happen in the next few days.

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