Donald Trump appeals against $454 million verdict in New York civil fraud case


Former US President Donald Trump has appealed against the court’s decision in the civil fraud case of Rs 454 million.

In February, the New York court had ordered him to pay a fine of US $ 355 million (about Rs 29.46 billion in Indian currency), which has now increased to US $ 454 million. The court had sentenced Trump as well as his sons and also imposed a fine on them. If media reports are to be believed, such a huge fine may make a difference to Trump’s financial condition.

Lawyers for the former president filed a notice Monday asking the state’s mid-level appeals court to overturn Judge Arthur Angoron’s Feb. 16 ruling in Attorney General Letitia James’ lawsuit. Trump’s lawyers wrote in court papers that they are asking the appeals court to decide whether Angoron made errors of law and/or fact. Also, has he misused his discretion? Angoron ordered Trump to pay $355 million in penalties, but with interest the total amount due now comes to about $454 million. The total amount will increase by approximately $112,000 per day until he pays.

Both sons were also sentenced

According to media reports, the court had given a 90-page verdict against Trump in the civil fraud case. According to the decision, the court had barred Trump from working as a director in the New York-based company. The court had said that he cannot work as a director of the company for three years.

Along with Trump, the court had also sentenced his two sons. The court had sentenced Donald Trump Jr. and Eric Trump to a fine of four million US dollars each. Trump’s two sons were also ordered not to work as directors in a New York company for two years.