Firing in Philadelphia, America, 3 people killed, many injured


Philadelphia. Three people died in a firing incident that took place early Saturday morning in the suburbs of Philadelphia, America. The officers provided this information. Officials said that due to this incident, the ‘St. Patrick’s Day’ parade had to be canceled and the children’s ‘theme park’ had to be closed. ‘Middletown Township’ police said that a ‘shooting incident has been confirmed’ in Falls Township of Eastern Pennsylvania and ‘multiple people have been injured’ in this incident.

Bucks County authorities have warned area residents to stay in their homes and keep doors locked. A local elected official described the shooting as ‘domestic’. Falls Township Board of Supervisors Chairman Jeffrey Denes said the gunman went to two locations in the township and shot several people, three of whom died.

Middletown Township Police said the 26-year-old suspect has been identified and is believed to be currently homeless and “primarily resides in Trenton.”