Government took strict action against thousands of doctors in South Korea, suspended licenses


South Korea: South Korea is worried about security due to the aggressive policies of the neighboring country North Korea. On the other hand, he is also worried about the continuous strike of doctors in his country.

Thousands of doctors in South Korea have been on strike for several days. Due to this doctors’ strike, medical work is being affected. In view of this, the South Korean government has decided to take strict action. Due to this strict step, South Korea has taken the strict step of suspending the licenses of the striking doctors.

According to the information received, the South Korean government on Monday started taking steps to suspend the medical licenses of thousands of junior doctors who are on strike. These doctors are protesting even after the deadline set by the government to end their strike, which has seriously affected the functioning of the hospital.

9 thousand junior doctors are on strike for two weeks

Nearly 9,000 medical trainees and resident doctors have been on strike for two weeks demanding an increase in the number of admissions to medical schools. Their strike is delaying hundreds of surgeries and other treatments and threatens to increase the burden on the country’s medical services. Deputy Health Minister Park Min-soo told a news conference that officials were dispatched to several hospitals on Monday to formally verify the absence of striking doctors.