Who is Laken Riley, whose family met Trump… then held Biden responsible for his murder?


Former US President Donald Trump has intensified his Georgia campaign even more after becoming the Republican presidential candidate. Trump met with Laken Riley’s family before the Georgia campaign.

During this, the former President blamed President Joe Biden for Riley’s death. Trump also called Biden a crooked person. Donald Trump met with Lacan Riley’s family backstage before speaking at a rally in Georgia on March 9. “I met his beautiful mother and family backstage,” Trump told the crowd in Rome.

” “He said she was the best. She was always the best for us. They admit that she was the best, and she was first in her class. She was going to be the best nurse. She was the best nursing student. She was always the best. She was the brightest light in every room, they told me. She was the whole world to her parents, her sister and the entire family. But he was murdered. Trump blamed President Joe Biden and his policies for Riley’s death.

Venezuelan illegal immigrant accused of murder

Biden said he regretted learning that Riley’s killer was a Venezuelan immigrant. He came into the country illegally. However, he referred to Lincoln Riley as Lincoln Riley during his State of the Union address. He did not even apologize for this. Regarding this, Trump has held Biden responsible for his poor policies.

Trump said this

Trump said President Biden has implemented a formal policy that illegal aliens who enter the United States are exempt from deportation. “So, when this monster came to our border, he was immediately freed under the program. Because this rule was created by crooked Joe Biden.

” Trump said he was “deeply honored” to have Riley’s loved ones at the rally. “Feeling. “They’re so incredible. “The hearts of hundreds of thousands, indeed millions, of Americans and people around the world are shattered along with your beautiful hearts. We share your grief. We stand together in your grief.” Lacan Riley, 22, of Augusta University, US She was a nursing student who was murdered by a murderer.