America claims- We shot down more than 70 missiles of Iran


The United States highlighted its role in thwarting Iran’s attack on Israel. America helped Israel in shooting down Iran’s drones and ballistic missiles. This was the first time that Iran directly attacked Israel. Israeli officials said that 99 percent of the weapons coming from Iran were destroyed without any major damage.

US officials said Iran’s intention was to cause massive destruction and kill people. Further officials said that Iran fired 115 to 130 ballistic missiles to target Israel. At one time, at least more than 100 Iranian missiles took off simultaneously to attack Iran, which were in the sky within a few minutes. During the attack, senior American officials and President Joe Biden were continuously monitoring the White House Situation Room.

US shot down more than 70 ballistic missiles

A senior US military said that more than 70 drones and ballistic missiles were shot down by US fighter planes. Four to six ballistic missiles were shot down by US aircraft in the eastern Mediterranean and another was shot down by a US Patriot missile battery in Iraq.

America helped Israel

Biden said that at my request, the US Army prepared fighter planes from last week to support Israel’s defense. I thank all of those who assisted in this deployment for their extraordinary skill. We helped shoot down almost all of the drones and missiles aimed at Israel.