Donald Trump wins Super Tuesday primary, presidential candidacy decided, Nikki Haley loses


Donald Trump has won the primary elections held in Virginia and North Carolina. This is his first win of ‘Super Tuesday’. Trump and Nikki Haley are contesting for the presidential nomination from the Republican Party. Trump has thanked Virginia and North Carolina for making him win. Nikki Haley has been disappointed with these states. According to the site Real Clear Politics, Trump has secured 65 points in the primary.

According to the report, Donald Trump is two points behind Joe Biden. Biden is contesting the presidential nomination from the Democratic Party. At the same time, Nikki Haley, who is competing with Donald Trump, is lagging far behind. He has won only from Washington DC. Donald has lost only once in this campaign.

Donald Trump had earlier defeated Nikki Haley in Missouri and Idaho. Trump also got a lot of support in Michigan. With Trump’s victory in ’16 Super Tuesday’, his candidacy for the post of President is considered certain. Leaders and intellectuals believe that Trump’s victory in Super Tuesday decides his candidacy.

What is ‘Super Tuesday’?

‘Super Tuesday’ included elections in 16 states and one territory, from Alaska and California to Vermont and Virginia. In this, votes of hundreds of delegates (party members representing voters) are received. ‘Super Tuesday’ is the day of the primary election process to select the presidential candidates of America, when primary and caucus elections are held in most of the states.

Donald Trump-Joe Biden are being criticized due to age

Biden and Trump won in Maine, Oklahoma, Virginia, North Carolina and Tennessee. Biden has also won the Democratic primary elections in Massachusetts, Vermont and Iowa. 81-year-old Biden and 77-year-old Trump, who are among the strong contenders for the post of President, are once again in the headlines. Both the leaders are maintaining their hold on the parties despite questions being raised about their age and widespread decline in popularity among the public.