US Elections 2024: Meaning of Trump’s victory in the race for Republican candidate


Donald Trump US President election analysis: The last thorn in Donald Trump’s path has passed in the race for the Republican Party candidate for the US Presidential elections. Trump emerged as the winner after Nikki Haley stopped the campaign.

Haley was out after losing in the party primaries of 15 states of America on ‘Super Tuesday’. Call it the power of money or the miracle of Trump’s legal team and campaign team that despite his age of 77 and 91 serious cases, Trump was accepted as the candidate. In this way, current President Joe Biden will face Trump in the elections to be held in November.

US Elections 2024: Meaning of Trump’s victory in the race for Republican candidate

Why Trump? Before telling you this, you need to read Nikki Haley’s final statement in which she said, ‘The time has come to stop the campaign. I want the voices of Americans to be heard, that’s what I have done. I have no regrets. I will never stop raising my voice for the things I believe in.

However, Haley has not yet made it clear whether she will support Trump or not? People close to Haley have different opinions. Some believe that supporting Trump would be right for them. Because they will be seen as a team. Because there is no dearth of people who don’t like him in the party.

How did Trump keep winning primaries one after another?

Haley kept saying till the last date that she would not give Trump a walk over. Even after the defeat, she became a juggler. Because she made history by becoming the first woman to win the Republican presidential primary. She is the first Indian-American to win either the Democratic or Republican primary. Whereas the last three other Indian-origin presidential candidates – Bobby Jindal in 2016, Kamala Harris in 2020 and Vivek Ramaswamy in 2024 – did not succeed in winning even a single primary.

Who were facing Trump in the race of 2024?

There were many faces of the Republican Party in front of 77 year old Trump. Talking about prominent names, Ron DeSenseit and Vivek Ramaswamy were also in the race. Everyone moved away one by one and gave their support to Trump. Trump registered big victories in Iowa, New Hampshire, Nevada, Idaho, South Carolina, Michigan and Missouri. He remained at the forefront of the nomination race in the Republican Party. On January 15, Trump won the first caucus voting of the Republican Party in Iowa. Trump received 51% votes in the caucus, while Ron DeSensit came in second place with 21% votes.

Fierce debate in American media

Some experts say that Trump spent money like water. No other candidate from his party was strong enough in terms of money power and public relations to compete with Trump. Some were businessmen and some may have had other compulsions. So one by one everyone started moving away and Trump’s path was cleared.

The American media also appeared divided on Trump’s claim. The US media also says that the popularity of US President Joe Biden has decreased. According to a survey report by New York Times and Ciena, there are no good signs for Biden.

Here 48% people supported Trump. 23% people admitted that they have no problem with Biden’s claim. Whereas 26 percent people said that they are dissatisfied with Biden’s work, but not angry.

understand the caucus

There are two main parties in America, Democrats and Republicans. Before the presidential elections, both conduct intra-party voting to select party candidates in every state of the country. This entire incident is called caucus. Only after the voting of all the states, the winning candidate in the voting is declared the presidential candidate by the party in the national convention of both the parties.

How is the atmosphere regarding the second term?

A shocking report by CNN has written that Trump has alerted America that if he wins, his second term will be even more disruptive and turbulent than his first term. It is further written in the same report – ‘The return of the person who tried to hijack democracy and steal the victory in the 2020 elections and endangered the freedom and destiny of the country is shocking. There are about 91 cases against Trump, who is facing criminal cases like treason. His incredible comeback in the election race points towards the most unfortunate elections in American history.

At the same time, Trump’s opponents believe that Trump’s record of contempt towards democratic institutions means that the country may have to face serious challenges in the future.