Nikki Haley out of the race for US President, gave this message to Trump


Political activity has intensified in America regarding the presidential elections to be held in November this year. Elections are going on for Republican and Democratic parties to become presidential candidates. Meanwhile, Nikki Haley has distanced herself from the race for nomination for the post of President from the Republican Party. Now former President Donald Trump is left the only candidate from the Republican Party.

Announcing her exit from the presidential race, Nikki Haley said that now the time has come to end my election campaign. I said that I want the voices of Americans to be heard. I have done this. I don’t have any regrets for this. However, it is being said that Nikki Haley has decided to withdraw from the race for the US Presidential election after the defeat in all the states except Vermont in the Super Tuesday contests.

Nikki refused to support Trump during his address. However, he urged former US President Donald Trump to seek the support of Republicans and independents who had earlier supported him. Nikki said that now it is up to Donald Trump to get the votes of people in our party and beyond, and I hope he will do so.

Let us tell you that after the election results of Super Tuesday, 77-year-old Donald Trump had a strong lead over his only Republican rival Nikki Haley in the number of delegates. Trump won Texas, California and 11 other states, although Nikki Haley won only Vermont.

To win the Republican presidential nomination, either candidate needs 1,215 delegates, which are chosen during the primaries. After Super Tuesday, Trump had 244 delegates, while Haley had the support of only 86 delegates. Nikki Haley, who worked in Trump’s cabinet from 2017 to 2018, had emerged as the first Republican to challenge former US President Trump in February 2023.